Caring Hands


About Us

Caring Hands in the Community is an outreach project of King's Church Medway as a Christian response to the problems facing the marginalised in our society. Caring Hands' staff and volunteers minister help to those affected by issues such as isolation, social exclusion, hunger, homelessness and substance addiction.

Since we began keeping records in 2001, Caring Hands has registered in excess of 2,500 clients from the Medway area whose lives have been affected by some or all of these issues. Caring Hands' response is to bring the love of God to those in need in a practical and positive way that delivers both relief and hope through a holistic programme with our various partners in and around the Medway Towns.


Ever since its humble beginnings with the offer of one cheese sandwich, Caring Hands in the Community has continued to grow apace with the emerging needs of our local society. We have continued to inspire and direct the operation of services at Caring Hands in the Community in his role as Senior Leader of the King's Church Medway.

Today's multi- faceted service began with the making of a cheese sandwich for a homeless chap who came to King's Church Medway looking for help. A conversation struck up and leading to the treading of the streets of Medway for the next two years visiting squats and seeking out the lonely, addicted, trapped and homeless. Our love for the marginalised and his passion to see them free from what bound them soon resulted in the purchase of our current building. That ethos is carried on today through staff and volunteers who share the same heart to bring relief to those in need.

Today's operations have grown apace with Medway's community needs. Our Day Centre now houses and operates a full GP Surgery, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Counsellors, a UK Online Internet Suite and a Legal Advocate. We prepare and provide some 1,500 meals and snacks each week, showers, laundry and clothing exchange to our on average ninety visitors each day, six days a week.